Lunch served by Chef Teik How & Chef Nicole! #foodporn #lunch
"I like how your name makes me smile alongside with the words you say and the actions you make. But I just cant seem to express what I have for you because I am afraid of losing you as a friend. I try to tell myself I dont like you but somehow when I hear of you, the waves of feelings and butterflies in stomach just bring that feeling back to me. I dont want to miss a single chance of being in your sight, it feels great. That warm smile, I dont know if you give others the same but it means different to me. Let me know if you feel the same too because holding this within me is slowly killing me."
Because good things come in small packages.
Early dinner with Le Mummy. #foodporn #dinner
Basil Pesto with Grilled Chicken. #dinner #foodporn #latergram

Reading room, John Rylands Library (by x)